Unique Hot Tub Features

Unique Features

There's a lot to talk about with our range of Hot Tubs. We've created a handy guide below to help you understand the unique technology advantages in a British Designed Hot Tub

With over 40 years of retailing hot tubs - we know what matters for customers.

At the heart of every British Hot Tub are the key principles of energy efficiency, reliability, innovation and user experience.

That's why we can boast a long list of unique features! We have the experience, the knowledge and the customer feedback over a long history to enable us to design the ultimate hot tub. That's why our hot tub range has quickly achieved What Spa approval and is already best bu awarded in several classes owing to being fully feature packed whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Water Purification with PURE ZONE

When the spa water filters, it combines ozone and water in a UV mixing chamber to ensure ozone comes into contact with every drop of water, attacking and destroying any bacteria, to provide the cleanest and purest water possible.

Pure Zone gives you 10 times cleaner, clearer and safer water than average ozone system

The Pure Zone system offers the cleanest and purest spa water in the industry, it is the only system available in the UK which continues to purify your water while you are actually using the spa.

Our Pure Zone system is perfect for those with sensitive skin, who want the most chemical free system possible - with less chemical consumption, maintenance, and reduced running costs this system makes your spa a happier and healthier place for everyone to enjoy.

Water Sanitization with CLEAN ZONE

Water Filtration with CLEAR ZONE

Water Filtration with BLASTER

Better Water Circulation with MASSAGE PUMP

Self Draining with KOZY ZONE

Total Relaxation with ZEN ZONE

Ergonomic Seating with COMFY ZONE

Appliance Grade Insulation with ECO ZONE