Installation Questions


Can I have it on my lawn/grass?

No. The hot tub needs to be on a solid and secure base. Solid and secure enough to hold up to a ton of water in the case of a hot tub installation and up to 10 ton in the case of a swim spa installation. If you are in doubt, ask for your supplier to visit and advise. This will move the responsibility and any risk over to the supplier.

Can they be installed in a conservatory, log cabin or a garage?

Can I sink the hot tub?

Where should I put my hot tub?

Does the hot tub have to be perfectly level?

What base should be used?

What access is needed around the hot tub for access?

How much access is needed to get the hot tub in?


What electrical supply is needed?

This depends on the model - Between 13 amp and 2 x 32amp supply. Please seek advice from your supplier.

What type/thickness cable should I use?

Does the hot tub come with cable or a plug?

Where is the electric cable connection point please and how is it accessed?

Water Supply

Do I need an outside tap/water supply?

Your hot tub can be filled more quickly with the use of a hose pipe. So as long as you have a hose pipe that reaches from the nearest tap, you should be ok. Having an outside tap makes filling the hot tub simpler.

Do you need a direct water feed?


Is a crane included in the installation price?

No. Crane costs can vary between £150 and £1500 and will require a third party that specialises in this field. You will need a survey and quotation from a crane speciality company. They will complete a risk assessment and have comprehensive insurance.

Can you manoeuvre a hot tub dolly over grass/gravel?

How many fitters will install my tub?

How long does an installation or service take?

Is the crane company and myself fully insured?

Cover Lifter

Do you fit a cover lifter on delivery?

If you have chosen to include delivery and installation within your hot tub purchase, the cover lifter will be assembled, attached and made fully operational. You will also receive comprehensive water care training and the locking catches for the cover lifter will be attached to the cabinet.

How much space do I need to leave for the cover lifter?

Using Your Hot Tub

How long does It take to heat?

If the water temperature coming through the tap is averaging 6 °C, the hot tub will take between 12 and 16 hours to heat to 38 °C.

Hot tubs 12 to 16 hours - 1½°C to 2°C per hour

Swim spas up to 32 hours – ½°C to 1°C per hour

Why is my water murky/cloudy?

Can I put bath salts in it?

How often should Bio-Film be used?

What are the white flakes in the hot tub water?

Do Scum balls actually work?

Why is there a scum line?

How much aromatherapy am I supposed to put in?

Will the aromatherapy make my water cloudy?

I’ve put Shock in but my water, but it isn’t any better, why?

Why is my water foamy? Why does my hot tub look like a bubble bath?

Can I use chlorine in the dosing system?

Can I fill it with hot water?

What do I do if the chlorine/Bromine level is too high?

How long do I need to leave the hot tub before I can get in after putting chemicals in?

Do I have to sanitise or check on my hot tub water every day?

Why does my chlorine still read low after I have already put some in?

Why is my test strip white every time I test it when i put chlorine/bromine in every day?

How do I read the test strips?

How long will it take to heat a swim spa up to 38 degrees from 28 degrees if I wanted to use it as a hot tub?

What’s the noise level of the hot tub?

My toddler has had an accident in the hot tub, what should I do?